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I happily accept quilt commissions. Here is the honest truth about my quilts; they take forever to make, even when I think a quilt is going to be super quick, it isn't. I love the process of making them but hours and hours of labour go into each and every one. For that reason, I only accept a few commission quilts each year. From the time you place your order until you have the quilt in your hand will probably be at least a month and that is if you are at the front of my line. I do promise that when you get your quilt that it will be worth every minute of waiting.

The cost of a quilt is a bit shocking and will make you think if it is really worth it? Rest assured it is, a quilt is an investment. Quilts will be enjoyed for generations. I always use top quality materials and construct them in a way that it will last through years of washing and wear and tear. I always put my heart and soul into each quilt I make. When you recieve your quilt you will be getting a one of a kind piece of art.


***Please note: When purchasing a custom quilt below the $50 fee is to reserve your spot for your quilt. This $50 fee is non-refundable and will be applied to the total cost of your quilt. We will work together and I will provide you with a firm quote for your quilt in writing. I require a 50% downpayment of the total cost of your quilt before ordering materials and starting on your quilt. The remainder of your total (minus $50 deposit) will be due upon finishing and prior to you receiving your quilt.*** 

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