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img aboutmeFabric Heart was started in 2013 during a phase of sheer boredom having a newborn. I know what you are thinking. Who is bored with a newborn? Me. Or I thought I was. I now look back at those days and wish I had embraced the boredom and had a few more naps. Just prior to this newborn entering the world I walked into a fabric shop hoping to buy fabric to make a blanket for the new baby (because pregnancy causes me to be domestic) and I spotted a quilt on the wall that I fell in love with. I took a class to make that quilt and the rest is history. I haven't stopped wanting to make quilts since. My other favourite hobby is buying mass quantities of fabric to store in a cupboard and look at it daily to keep me happy. So Fabric Heart is really a reflection of how much joy fabric brings me and how I LOVE to create quilts and other items with all my fabric.

I didn’t start out thinking I would ever be any type of artist. I always pictured myself as a very linear science type person. I have a background in biology, chemistry and ecosystem management. I am even a qualified elementary teacher. When I was first married in 2006 I was still in school and searching for what I wanted to do with my life. I always thought I would love being a stay at home mom and raise all the babies but it really hasn’t been what I expected it to be. Motherhood has filled my heart in a way I wasn’t really expecting and Fabric Heart is helping to fill out the other corners of my heart that I didn’t realize were empty.  I’m super thankful that my awesome husband (Travis) has been ever supportive of my crazy ideas. My two beautiful daughters bring me so much joy (and worry lines) and I love creating things for them. 

logo olfa amb2018 was an extremely good year for me. I won an amazing Bernina sewing machine and a Rowenta iron.  2019 is going to be even better. This year I am an ambassador for OLFA. I get to try out some of their new and tried and true cutting tools and accessories. I even have a few secret projects on the go for them. Life is grand!